Bowman's Market

Bowman's History

The Golden Rule grocery store, later Bowman's market, opened its doors in 1913 in the tiny community of Kaysville (pop. approximately 1,100). Its proprietor was J.J. (June) Bowman, a young man of 22. His philosophy, as proclaimed by the name of his store, was to treat his customers as he would like to be treated.

The Golden Rule was a typical general store with 'dry goods', such as blue jeans and fabric on one side, and 'wet goods', or groceries, on the other. Customers handed shopping lists to the clerk behind the counter and teh clerk would collect the items. Customers were known by name and shopping was a pleasant social experience.

Bowman's Food and Department Store - 1940

Bowman's Food and Department Store - 1940

75 East 200 North Main Street - 1957

'It's not important how much money you make. It is important to be honest and to treat others fairly.' - Dick Bowman

In 1957, after obtaining a $50,000 loan from his mother-in-law, Dick was able to build a new store at 75 East 2nd North. It was conveniently located next to the post office. As Kaysville grew, the business expanded. This building expanded 6 times 6,000 - 16,500 sq. ft.

75 East 200 North Main Street - 1957

75 East 200 North Main Street - 1957

75 East 200 North Main Street - 1957

'Family, church, business and community activities have blessed me with friends, security, choice memories and peace of mind.' - Richard C. Bowman

Bowman's Carries On Seven Decade Tradition

Kaysville's downtown is looking newer and livelier from the wider and smoother streets to new library to this bright new sign advertising the week's specials at Bowman's Market

Upon returning from an LDS mission to the New England States, Dick Bowman had a decision to make. He had attended the University of Utah with the goal of becoming an electrical engineer. Dick realized that his father's health was failing. He would be needed in the family business, so he changed his major to marketing. When June died in 1951, Mary Bowman turned to 24-year-old Dick to manage the business. He became partners with his mother and over the next 25 years purchased the business from her.

Since 1985, Bowman's Market has sponsered the annual 24th of July breakfast. City employees become cooks and servers, making the day a community endeavor. The proceeds generated from the breakfast support Kaysville recreation and continue to be a major source of funds for community sports teams and activities.

Bowman's Market stopped selling alcohol and tobacco to give a positive message to Kaysville's youth.

Community leaders and friends joined the Bowman family at the ribbon cutting event of the new store. A unique characteristic for the store was the hosting of art exhibits featuring local artists.

The present Bowman's Market at 326 North Main Street was built in 1996. As grocery competition has increased, Kaysville residents have remained loyal and supportive of Bowman's.

The Kaysville Millenial Clock was unveiled on January 1, 2000 to ring in the beginning of a new millenium. This distinctive landmark on Main Street stands on the grounds of the Kaysville library.

'If the Bowman family had not stood behind the project and stepped forward with the major donation, the construction of the Kaysville Millenial Clock would not have been possible.' - Mayor Brian Cook