What are Turkey Bucks?

You earn Turkey Bucks when you shop at Bowman's and use your Bowman's Bonus account in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. For every $50 you spend at Bowman's, you earn $1 off your Turkey. You can use these Turkey Bucks towards a fresh or frozen whole turkey, a frozen bone-in turkey breast, or frozen Sweathearts Turkey.

How can I use my Turkey Bucks?

Your cashier will assist you. We may need to put your turkey on a separate transaction in order to take advantage of every Turkey Buck you've earned.

How will I know how many Turkey Bucks I earn?

Each time you shop, your receipt keeps a running total of your qualifying purchases. If you want to know how many Turkey Bucks you've earned, simply divide the total qualifying purchases by 50. Your cashier also has a chart to assist you.

Do Turkey Bucks Expire?

Yes. Turkey Bucks expire on Thanksgiving Day.

Can I use Turkey Bucks more than once?

Absolutely! Many people end up purchasing more than one turkey during the holidays. You can earn Turkey Bucks up until Thanksgiving, so if you shop at Bowmans Market after purchasing a Turkey, you may have earned more Turkey Bucks. Just remember to purchase your second turkey on or before Thanksgiving Day.